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River Birch Global Water Creates Nova Scotia Subsidiary

River Birch Global Water Creates Nova Scotia Subsidiary with Plans to Manufacture, and Deploy, Leading-Technology Water Filtration Systems

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2021 / River Birch Global Water Inc. ('River Birch') ( is pleased to announce the creation of River Birch Fresh Water Inc., a Nova Scotia-based wholly owned subsidiary of River Birch Global Water Inc. The company plans to set up a manufacturing facility to build and deploy containerized leading-technology filtration systems for desalination of salt water, and treating fresh water to be safe for human consumption in communities of under 10,000 people.

'We see the potential for Nova Scotia to be a world leader in water technology and we're excited to help solve the growing issue of contaminated water in Canada, and around the world. River Birch Fresh Water will allow us to quickly deploy Canadian-made systems with very fast speed-to-market to address the growing concern for safe, clean water', said Peter Deacon, River Birch's President and CEO.

Water scarcity affects every continent. According to the United Nations website (, water use has been growing globally at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century.

'As soon as Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted, we're in a position to work with communities and municipalities to address these water shortages head-on. Even in Canada, with our vast and numerous sources of water, so many communities still don't have access to safe, clean drinking water', said Andrew Cormier, River Birch Director.

About River Birch Global Water Inc.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, River Birch Global Water Inc. aims to be a global leader in water technology and services. The private company plans to grow both organically and through strategic acquisitions, leveraging synergies across its various business lines and distribution channel partners. The company focuses on desalination, purification, filtration, water treatment, wastewater treatment, storage, circulation, and nutrient removal.

About River Birch Fresh Water Inc.

River Birch Fresh Water Inc. is a newly formed Nova Scotia based corporation that designs and manufactures containerized water filtration systems to treat and filter fresh water, and also desalinate salt water using world-leading-technology. The company has received interest to deploy its systems throughout Canada, United States, Caribbean, UAE, and parts of Asia. The company is actively seeking partnerships for Central and South America, Australia, and Africa.


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