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Coming to Nova Scotia as soon as Covid travel restrictions are removed


River Birch Fresh Water Inc. is a Canadian based ESG company that designs, builds and deploys small scale containerized desalination and fresh water treatment systems to provide clean, safe water for communities and municipalities with populations under 10,000 people. 

Our Advantages 

  • Canadian Technology – Designed and Built in Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Small Scale Desalination and Fresh Water Treatment

  • Containerized units desalinating and cleaning water for populations under 10,000

    • Ideal for new developments, resorts, communities with boil water advisories, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, islands, remote locations

  • Speed to Market – We can have a system on the ground and producing clean water within 3-6 months

  • Minimal environmental impact.  

  • Opportunity to operate units using wind or solar energy with battery back-up

  • Systems are fraction of the cost of a typical water treatment plant and will literally save governments hundreds of millions of dollars

  • Lower deployment costs – Installed by a small team in weeks, not months. No need to build special roads, bridges and equipment to deliver and install at selected locations. Also, systems are located closer to the consumption, avoiding trucking and/or piping costs, and reducing theft.

  • Lower maintenance/operating costs – Contains fewer and longer lasting parts than alternative competitive systems. The system is designed to have low energy consumption requirements and use wind/solar to minimize operating energy costs.

  • Modularity – Containerized design allows for incremental expansion. 

  • Drinking water safety – Systems are continuously monitored to meet and exceed local water quality standards.

River Birch Fresh Water

2354 Rocky Lake Drive, Unit 3

Waverley, Nova Scotia  B2R 1R5

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