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About Us

Corporate Overview

Canadian Leadership
River Birch Global Water Inc. is a Canadian-based private company seeking to become a global leader in clean water technologies and solutions.

Solutions for a Growing Global Need for Clean Water
River Birch plans to deliver solutions to meet the fast growing global need for long-term, reliable, cost-effective, renewable supplies of clean water.

To make clean water available in every region of the world.

To become a global leader in the water industry with market-leading technologies to create water solutions for communities worldwide.

Investment and Project Partners

River Birch Global Water is open to working with public and private entities to bring clean water to communities across the world. The company actively engages governments, public utilities, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, hedge funds, high net worth individuals, investment firms, development companies and other industry related businesses. In each situation, the company selects the party best aligned to serving the local market’s long term needs for clean water.

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