Our Companies

Pavilion Water Technology 

Pavilion Water Technology is a platform water technology solutions company delivering innovative market offerings. The company’s go to market programs are based on commercializing proven desalination technologies, providing them at an affordable price and making the delivery of clean water accessible to the countries and communities that need it most.


Strategic Acquisitions

River Birch is focused on creating global capabilities for delivering clean water services. The company is making targeted accretive acquisitions of pure play water companies with good management and intellectual property that can be scaled across international markets. The company has prioritized the acquisition of businesses that benefit from barriers to entry and low production costs.

Management supports acquisitions with:

* Growth capital

* Strategic advisory services

* Introductions to new business opportunities, and

* Distribution channels.

Synergistic operating companies will enable River Birch to unlock business potential to service the global community and to create more value for shareholders.